Manage the Moment: Conversations in Performance Psychology

Trailer -- Manage the Moment Podcast: Conversations in Performance Psychology

September 26, 2019 Dr. Sari Shepphird (Dr. Shepp) Episode 1
Manage the Moment: Conversations in Performance Psychology
Trailer -- Manage the Moment Podcast: Conversations in Performance Psychology
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Manage the Moment Podcast: Conversations in Performance Psychology --- What's the Podcast all about?

When all eyes are on you, how do you manage that performance moment? What is it like to be at the top of your game as a performer in sports, the arts, business, or high-stakes profession? Learn how elite performers optimize what they bring to the mental side of what they do and immerse yourself in conversations with people who have made it their life's work to excel. Your host, Dr. Shepp, is a celebrated Los Angeles Sport and Performance Psychologist, as well as an award-winning author, who works with athletes and performers of the highest ability. Life is a collection of moments, it's how you manage those moments that makes the difference.

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Dr. Shepp:

Thanks for tuning in to manage the moment conversations in performance psychology. I'm Dr. Sari Shepphird.

Speaker 1:

Practicing for consistency over perfection is going to be so much better for longevity and staying safe and healthy. Keep pushing forward is kind of the rhythm you got to keep in whatever you do because if you look for anything else, it's just gonna fizzle out. It's going to be a flash in the pan.

Dr. Shepp:

What does it feel like to be at the top of your game as a performer and what can we learn from those who are, when all eyes are on you, how do you manage that moment?

Speaker 2:

I want to connect with the audience and and make this two hours of coverage on this basketball game I'm doing or whatever it is, as enjoyable as possible, and you do that by making them want to spend the time with you and that's kind of the last thought I have before I go on the air, is make that person out there enjoy the next two hours. However I can do that.

Dr. Shepp:

What does it feel like to have been a performer who has broken barriers?

Speaker 4:

Oftentimes people who are, who don't have, you know, white male privilege can feel very, uh, fraudulent when in positions of power, like being at speaking at a podium. And in the early years I had a lot of that, you know, that somebody was going to come up on stage and say, you know, she doesn't know where she's talking about, get her off the stage and is that kind of thing that it was, um, it's, I think it's just becomes something that is a problem for a lot of a lot of women and people of color and people who don't, as I say, don't have, I mean with white male privilege comes the assumption that if you're speaking at a podium that you are the authority and that, you know, you do have a right to be there. So it's feeling like you have a right to be there. That I think is really, uh, is a problem often for people. And that's something that, um, needs really needs to change

Dr. Shepp:

On this, the manage the moment podcast. We will be having conversations with performers who come from wildly different performance areas, from athletes representing a wide range of sports to television personalities, to performing artists and actors, from songwriters to playwrights to authors along with people who are in the public eye. So much so that it leaves every day feeling like a performance. Some of our guests come from a long history of experience in the performance world and others are fresh to the scene. Our conversations give us the chance to connect and so sometimes we really dive deep and get personal.

Speaker 4:

I used to say that without alcohol I'd put a gun to my head and I had a moment of realizing that alcohol was the gun

Speaker 5:

every time that I was about to uh, lose my spot on team. What are, it's because of commitment or performance or whatnot. Cause it happens a couple of times in my career. These are always life. Like make it a break. It kind of situations where you either quit or you come back stronger. Um, and I think that's what makes a great champion. Right? Um, and I, every time I came back stronger, but right now I'm in this, I'm designing at the moment if I'm coming back stronger or if I'm quitting and it's the hardest decision I've ever made in my life. And I'm very confused because all I can think about is would Michael Jordan quit, or would Roger Federer quit if he knew he could still win? Um, and if, if the answer is, is I want to quit, then maybe I'm not the champion. I think I am. So it's very scary. I'm very scared.

Dr. Shepp:

And other moments we get a glimpse of practical choices that performers make, which influences their mindset and allows them to perform optimally.

Speaker 6:

There's not one thing that I've done that I'm proud of or that usually on a daily basis that's genuinely easy. So I think you just get used to pushing through that every week. A lot of people ask me, it's, it's actually, it makes me very curious. A lot of people ask me, how are you not scared? And I'm like, are you kidding me? I'm scared all the time, like I'm literally terrified a majority of the time. And like I said, I explained that it's like I think the people like me and the people like these guys I've mentioned kind of just found a way to have a healthy relationship with that fear and learn how to kind of live with it and use it as kind of like a chisel to make yourself a little bit more precise, a little bit more well thought out and when it's time, when it's go time it, it's kind of what keeps me in that focus and that zone.

Speaker 7:


Dr. Shepp:

These will be free form, largely untouched recordings, which I'm really excited to share with you and you will get a chance to hear some of my guests answer questions that they've never been asked before.

Speaker 8:

These are hard.

Dr. Shepp:

Just about all of my guests share candidly about their lives and experiences, which I think makes for some really great conversations.

Speaker 9:

You know, I'm a criminal defense lawyer. I try challenging cases. I try cases that people warned me not to take. This is who I am. Take it or leave it.

Dr. Shepp:

Some conversations are going to be recorded in person here in the Los Angeles area and others are recorded remotely, but hopefully you won't really notice a difference because they are all intended to be natural conversations with the exception of just some music breaks to mix it up a little bit here and there. My words may never be perfect of course, but the conversations are real as is the insight that we will gain from listening in. Oh, and from participating, which I hope you will do. We will be taking questions from listeners for some of the podcasts as I did with one popular author and TedTalk speaker. Sometimes you'll get the opportunity to leave your question on SpeakPipe, which is an app where you can record your voice and leave your question for the possible use in a podcast and sometimes by email, Twitter, Instagram, or our other social media platforms and you'll be able to find this information in the episode notes for each broadcast. I'm really excited to share these conversations and I do hope that you will join in life is a series of moments. It's how you manage those moments that makes the difference. Our first episode drops in just a few weeks and we will be talking with Terry Gannon, known for his work as a sportscaster for NBC sports. And for our first season, we will feature conversations with the likes of X games, gold medalist, IndyCar history makers, e-sports, world champions, musicians who have played to sold out stadiums across the globe, high profile courtroom attorneys, television hosts, vocal coaches to the biggest recording artists on the planet, and many, many more. So come on, join the conversations and thanks for tuning in. Until then, I'm Dr. Shepp.